Crosses at Christmas

My children immediately asked me why we don’t have crosses as decorations at Christmas  when I was explaining the wonder & meaning of Christmas; Christ’s birth!

We have many iconic images at Christmas, many with both pagan & Christian meaning, but whose meaning is greatly forgotten by the masses.
Stars, angels (& fairies), presents, trees, sanitized nativity scenes (& some made from pork products…), tinsel, lights, bells, wreaths, bows, red & green, silver & gold…

They have a point too. If Christ had been born without dying to pay for our sins, then there would be no grace & forgiveness for us before a just God, & his birth would be pointless.

I challenge you to design some Christmas crosses. Feel free to send me pics to share (I’ll acknowledge you unless you specify not to).

Lets remember the greatest gift this. Christmas!


Found this on Face book on Christmas day. Love it, but couldn’t trace its origin.



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