Child’s Angel: cookies can speak…


This week my girls and I baked biscuits & cookies for Christmas.

It was interesting to watch their interpretation of Christmas & Christmas icons as we worked. Children’s design work at its best.
A cookie can speak many words…

First the vanilla butter cookies were cut out and decorated. The girls chose hearts for Jesus’ love and stars for the star that guided the Magi to Him. Great.
Next came the dark chocolate butter cookies… My 3 year old pipes up that we cannot make stars from this dough because stars cant be dark brown… Fair enough. So we go through the cutter collection to find a replacement & she decides the girl cutter looks like an angel because it has a dress… OK, but doesn’t the colour matter? No, apparently angels may be dark brown, but not stars. Then my 5 year old decorates these angels as in the picture above. Their dresses are so colourful & patterned that they look to me just like the African ladies at celebrations. I actually have one myself, & so do they.

Growing up right in the South of Africa, their young minds naturally associated the stories of joyful sining angels with these mental pictures, creating these beautiful angels despite the Christmas concerts of white & silver angels.

Sometimes it takes a child or two to make us aware of our stereotypes and the boxing of our views.


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