DAF Fashion Show: my thoughts

DAF Fashion show cape town 26 November 2013

DAF Fashion show
cape town
26 November 2013


I really enjoyed this year’s fashion show. I especially liked the portfolios on display. They looked professional, & added to the experience. Last year was the first year that I hadn’t moderated their work before the show, and I missed those insights.

One range stood out for me. Not only would I love some of the garments in my wardrobe, but the theme and inspiration were relevant and clear throughout the range, and the workmanship appeared to be good too. Aneleh van Wyk’s theme was global warming and technology. As a small range it was slightly disjoined, but I am sure that it would have appeared more coherent if it were a larger range.┬áThe full range┬ácan be viewed along with the others from the link above. I thought her use of aqua (sea) and silver (technology), her use of pattern that referenced both nature and science or computers, and her choice of fabric were a great way to communicate her theme.

DAF_SDR_1439_AnelehvanWyk_aqua DAF_SDR_1453_AnelehvanWyk_pattern DAF_SDR_1498_AnelehvanWyk_silver hexagons

Aneleh van Wyk
SDR photo
DAF 26 November 2013


Many of the other garments were very good. Zoe Poate was awarded both Truworths award, and the executive award, with special mention going to Kirsten Gorden. Nick Coutts has also received an award from Mr Price Clothing for his garments which made good use of his chosen textiles, some of which he wove himself. Most ranges had at least one outfit worth viewing, but I couldn’t help notice that at least one dress & a jacket must surely have been taped up since they defied the laws of gravity and movement.

On the whole, a very enjoyable show, expressing great talent & some good workmanship.

Thank you DAF & all the students who participated.


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